Workshop Presentations


Grazing Management for Fine Fuels and Annual Grass Ranges

13-14 January 2015
Carson City, NV

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The Society for Range Management (SRM) Nevada Section will provide an educational forum on how grazing management can be applied to annual and perennial fine fuels while reaching a goal of sustainable desired conditions on these rangelands.  Earn 7 CEUs.


Tools and Management Applications Workshop for Managing Greater Sage-Grouse 

This workshop was hosted by the Nevada Section of the Society for Range Management and includes presentations on the P-J mapping and treatment assessment tool, the conservation credit system, fire and mowing in sagebrush ecosystems, tools and applications from the Sagegrouse Initiative Projects, and more.

Date: 11 December 2013
Location: Reno, NV

Workshop Documents:

  • Workshop agenda
  • Presentation summary
  • View individual presentations on the Nevada Section SRM website here

Field Workshop: 30 Years of Western Juniper Management in the Owyhee Mountains

This was a two-day tour hosted by the Idaho Section of the Society for Range Management and the Great Basin Fire Science Delivery Project.  The tour was led by Rick Miller, Fire Ecologist with Oregon State University and Steve Bunting, Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences Dept., University of Idaho.  We viewed and discussed the efficacy and longevity of various treatments (hand cutting, chaining, cut-and-leave, and prescribed fire) to reduce juniper encroachment into sagebrush steppe habitats.

Date: Wed-Thurs, July 10-11, 2013
Location: Owyhee County, ID

Workshop Documents:

  • Notes and photos will be posted soon

Pinion Juniper Fuels Reduction Projects and Vegetation Response – What have we learned?

This was the Nevada Section of the Society for Range Management's summer field meeting.  Field meeting stops included Gleason Creek, Marking Corral, and Smith Valley to discuss many different fuel reduction treatments (prescribed burns, mastication treatments, lop and scatter, etc.), wildfire, and more.

Date: Thursday, June 27, 2013
Location: Ely, NV

Workshop Documents:


Intermountain Native Plant Summit VII

This workshop was sponsored by the Boise State University Department of Biological Sciences and the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

Date: 26-27 March 2013
Location: Boise, ID

View Videos of Workshop Presentations:

  • video Kas Dumroese - Native Plants Journal
  • video Kas Dumroese - Functional restoration
  • video Andrew Kulmatiski - Exploring root-soil interactions to find new ways of controlling weeds
  • video Tom Yankey/Ann Kennedy - Weed-suppressing bacteria
  • video Bryce Richardson - Genetic relationships and adaptive variation of big sagebrush species
  • video Amy Forman/Roger Blew - Big sagebrush demographics
  • video Lar Svenson/Matt Germino - Sagebrush responses to climate
  • video Francis Kilkenny - Genecology of three native bunchgrasses: implications for management during climate chage
  • video Richard Johnson - Ecological genetics and seed zones: home on the range
  • video Val Anderson - Local ecotypes for disturbed land restoration: ideals and realities
  • video Tom Jones - Performance of bluebunch and Snake River wheatgrass populations in the eastern Great Basin
  • video Steve Parr - Options for native plant material development
  • video Doug Johnson - Utah trefoil (Lotus utahensis): a legume for the southern Great Basin
  • video Graham Hunter - Eriogonum corymbosum in the landscape: a common garden study
  • video Jason Stettler - Agronomic production of native lupines
  • video Tom Jones - Ecologically appropriate plant materials for functional restoration
  • video Tom Monaco - Sixty-five years of cheatgrass control research: a model for the future emerges
  • video Erica Freese - Understanding disturbance response and restoration options: utilizing state and transition models
  • video Tom Jones - Novel ecosystems
  • video Jeremy James - Winter environmental conditions have large effects on grass recruitment
  • video Nathan Cline - A comparison of germination predictions for 11 revegetation plan materials
  • video Lauren Porensky - Using a combination of short-term irrigation and native grasses to overcome restoration barriers
  • video Julie Larson - Redefining recruitment strategies
  • video Derek Tilley - Direct seeding methods to establish wetlands
  • video Jamin Johanson - Improving habitat management with ecological site classifications
  • video Loren St. John - Pollinator planting demonstration
  • video Danny Summers - Habitat restoration projects in Utah and the use of plant materials
  • video Paul Krabacher - Native seed in the BLM: status, trends, and what's next
  • video Mark Mustoe - Interaction between the American Seed Trade Association and the native seed industry
  • video Steven Paulsen - Oil and gas restoration: challenges with native seed
  • video Matt Madsen - Restoring North America's sagebrush-steppe ecosystem using seed enhancement technologies